About the Filmmakers

DAVID SPALTRO (Writer-Director-Producer)

Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ growing up with a love for film and passion for storytelling. David studied theater and writing at his high school and was commissioned in 2001 to shoot and edit a documentary about a group of teenage performing artists from the US who were taking part of a festival in Germany. He moved to NYC to attend a film program at the School of Visual Arts and graduated with a BFA in directing in 2005. After graduation he traveled and worked abroad in Europe and Asia. While teaching and designing a language program in South Korea in 2006, David wrote the first draft of what would become “…Around”, based on some of his personal experiences going to school in NYC, which he also produced and financed. He currently resides in New York and is writing several scripts as well as working on his follow-up project ”Things I Don’t Understand”.


Was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and moved to the US when he was ten years old. At 15 he began working for a software company after school, but fascinated by national and international politics, he moved on to political economy and journalism and was internationally published by the age of 17. Lee attended Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington for two years before moving to NYC to begin a career in film. “…Around” is Lee’s first film as a producer and he is currently working on the development of several other film projects both in Washington and NY.

NICK BORIS (Executive Producer)

A Brooklyn native who left his successful, award winning, decade long career as a producer for ABC News because his hobby of working on independent films and documentaries turned into a passion that took on a larger and larger role in his professional life. With years of success (over 20 domestic and international festival screenings) working on shorts and documentaries as a producer/editor he lent his eye and passion to “…Around”, his first feature film.