“…undeniably endearing and as personal a film as one can imagine” - Bob Andelman, Mr.Media

“the embodiment of independent film… Woody Allen for a younger generation of technologically-overwhelmed, financially-strained bohemians” - Dan Mecca, the Film Stage

“themes about life and essential love are the best part of “…Around”… a high level of relatable realism for film lovers and anyone who has struggled or strived for anything in life” - Kelsey Zukowski, FilmArcade.net

“The script is smart and funny, the characters believable, and the performances realistic…” - Lucio Mauriz, Vimooz.com

“It’s at the moments that illuminate this never-ending process of life where ”…Around” really finds its’ voice, and gets to the hard truths” - Brian Skuttle, Sonic-Cinema.com

“Spaltro has directed a smart and acutely observational movie that doesn’t have an ounce of dishonesty… will gnaw at you long after the fade to black” - TC Candler, TCCandler.com

“A great independent surprise; heartfelt, well-acted, and emotionally convincing…” - Lamar Kukuk, Lamarsmoviepalace.com

“Polished and impressively written… emotionally satisfying” - Jen Johans, Film Intuition

“Full of big ideas and strong performances, the raw material we should see more of in mainstream movies…” Christian Toto, Washington Times

“a study in pure filmmaking… a truly surprising film that acts as a love letter by the film’s creator” - Jeremy Kirk, We Are Movie Geeks

“just getting to experience a film so small succeed in such a big way is inspiring” - The Film Chair

“…a thoroughly rewarding and really rather moving experience” - Iain Stott

“…uplifting and light-hearted… captures some of the beauty and poetry of the city and its strange inhabitants” - J.Ottman, Makingthemovie.info

“…a pretty damn good film” - Dash, FilmFanatix

” …rife with memorable dialogue and scenes” - Brent Pantaleo, Pictureshow Pundits

“… that classic indie feel” - Oxford Film Freak

“…Eric Schaeffer’s Wirey Spindell, but with funnier jokes, a much better cast and more visual flair” - Alejandro Adams, BraintrustDV

“…a true find for lovers of film” - Dave, ScreenGeeks

“…I didn’t want the movie to end” - Danny Broussard, KillerFilm.com

“Original, and worth a look.” - Johnny Web, Scoopy.com

“definitely a film worth seeing” -E Christopher Clark, GeekForceFive.com

“as impressively written as anything I’ve seen” - The Film Snob

“…a thoughtful film made with emotion, heart and talent” - Standing Room Only

“…a film with real characters that we can connect with…does the job and does it well” - Corey Boutilier, IndependentFilm.com

“…a refreshingly adult endeavor, a confident, steady handed progression of storytelling… wonderfuly appealing, sincere and triumphant” - Omar Moore, Popcornreel.com

” One of the best low-budget independent releases I’ve seen in a long time” - The Red Right HandFilm Podcast

“…honest, searching and true, a film only as flawed as reality” - Ray Young, Flickhead.com

“…the embodiment of the independent spirit…capture[s] all of the magnificence, beauty, despair, grittiness, and opportunity of New York” - Eric Armstrong, Moving Arts Film Journal

“…film in the vein that directors like Scorsese did earlier in their careers… better than almost anything that has come out in the first quarter of 2009” - Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz, PopcornJunkies.com

“a solid example of storytelling… a sensitive, artistic narrative of humanity” - Corey, Fused Film

“an impressive first film that showcases the filmmaker’s natural gift for capturing defining dramatic conflicts and inner emotional turmoil” - Prairie Miller, News Blaze

“Every so often there’s a film that just reaches out and speaks to you. This is one of those films…poignant and beautiful!” - Naomi de Bruyn, Linear Reflections

“Spaltro has made a solid movie, but more impressively, he’s created an incredible debut film for a first time writer and director. Independent cinema doesn’t get more independent than this.” - Dan Hacker, This Blog is Not Yet Rated

“has a visual flair that belies the fact that it was filmed on the cheap and financed by credit cards… a good-looking movie, beautifully shot and well-edited. Spaltro has a bright future ahead of him.” - Hayden Childs, Nerve.com/Screengrab Reviews

“…builds into one of the strongest debut films I’ve seen in some time. A charming, uplifting introspective character study, that should restore your faith that great independent film making is about more than a hip soundtrack and a cool marketing campaign - Leigh, Late Magazine

“Films like this are the reason I love independent cinema” - Matthew Stogdon, The Red Right Hand

“…definitely worth checking out…” - Chris Thilk

“Spaltro’s direction is fantastic… he and the crew create characters I care about” - Charles Tatum, Hollywoodbitchslap.com

“…it has a lot more in common with what movies should be doing than 95% of the movies you see.” - Marc Eastman, Are You Screening?

“…not just a good coming of age story but it is also a great film… intelligent, gutsy and genuine… an incredible debut” - You Bent My Wookie film reviews

“gem of a picture…seems to have put his whole heart and soul into this picture” - Film Fan Addict

“a look and feel that far surpasses its modest budget” - The Independent Critic

“has something that many movies, especially independent movies, are sorely lacking: sincerity…” - Digital Vault

“an entertaining film… has enough touches of greatness to keep you solidly entertained” - Joel Murphy, HoboTrashcan

“this movie just reinforced our love for independent films…heart and soul–a unique brand of infectious energy” - Courtney Keskien, JitZul

“For a debut picture, Spaltro shows a veteran know how in handling his story” - Scott “Kubrick” Sawitz, Inside Pulse Movies

“Enough of …Around succeeds that I am very interested to see what Spaltro comes up with next” - Jay S. Jacobs, PopEntertainment.com

“…Around looks fifty times its budget. We should all make a film this good for that kind of money.” - Scott Marks, Emulsion Compulsion

“…here is that rare occasion when something fresh and inspiring comes to light and makes you reconsider the whole industry” - Craig Sharp, Film Shaft


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